- American Cuisine

Services: Carry Out, Catering, Delivery


  • Monday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Tuesday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Wednesday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Thursday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Friday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Saturday

    11 am-9 pm
  • Sunday

    11 am-9 pm
Phone: 847-966-4733
8161 Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL  60714
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Restaurant Reviews for Booby's

"Always busy... that is a great sign of a place that serves good food! They are a specialty of skirt steak sandwiches... and Grecian Chicken... and for their price of 9 bucks, you get two side dishes with it. The dining room is quite pleasant. And the service is authentically Greek (foodservice experts)! I will be back for more! And more importantly, I will tell my friends!"

The Place To Be Since 1961. Great Restaurant for authentic Greek and American Cuisine.